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  • Kaletra 3tc, Kaletra store

    Fellowship in Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery - Hands On: Course fee – Rs. 80,000/- only.
  • Course B

    Retioperitonescopy Course Hands On: (Course Fee Rs 60,000)
  • Course C

    Basic Laparoscopy Course Hands On: (Course Fee Rs 40,000)


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Highlights of Hands On Courses:

• Accredited by Indian Hernia Society (Regd.) & SELSI (Regd.)
• There will be enough cases of different varieties so that every candidate gets good opportunity to learn / assist / operate. However, the number may vary (less or more) depending upon the availability, fitness etc.
• Renowned National Faculties from SELSI & Indian Hernia Society will be there to impart hands on training.

Day 1- Didactic Lectures, Videos, Observership in OT, assisting mentor as 1st assistant
Day 2- Discussions, opportunity to Assist/operate independently, under the guidance of senior faculty
Day 3- Discussions, opportunity to Assist/operate independently, under the guidance of senior faculty

Limited seats – Only 4-5 candidates per course, so that, everyone gets reasonable hands on exposure/experience

We would also look forward to Surgical Colleagues (Members of SELSI, IHS and other Professional Societies) to send in their intent for participating in these courses as Course Faculty, giving their voluntary time.