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Farming is one of the most profitable uses for your Contribution Points, but if you don’t like it, it will just end up being a chore. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Plus, I'm quite busy during the day, so I can't play much besides being afk. Old moon fences can be rented from: Jak, Klau, Lajee, Stee, Zya. 123. These are completing quests, by doing alchemy and cooking for contribution points. 1 . Best way to get Contribution Points? What I'm wondering is: 1)Is there a way to find out where you've spent your contribution points? Most contribution points can be obtained from the story quest and the quests for Amity. Farming is the profession of growing crops and managing livestock. You can then have 2 options depending on the seeds you plant: Either way you will also be making money from Fruits and byproducts (which you turn into Stonetail fodder) and sell these for profit on the marketplace as well. Question. It simple lets you hire 1 or more workers in that town. The percentage on the right tells you the amount that the moisture will increase/drop every 5 minutes. You want the highest possible percentage as a negative percentage is how much it will drop. Silver per day per CP typically ranges from ~50k to over 1M. Everything about Black Desert Online Map, Minimum required Contribution Points to connect Nodes, Kamasylvia, New Area, Contribution Point, Nodes, Trading, Item ANNOUNCEMENTS [Black Desert PC X Mobile X Console] Sign-up for Calphe:ON Ball live audience! Recent Supporters: This mode is very important to remember as this will allow you to perform actions even when the game is offline. Breeding the crops gives you 1 to 3 seeds of the same quality or higher. If you are on Xbox or PS4 then make sure to check the prices with in-game. Close • Posted by 2 minutes ago. The world of Black Desert is vast and nonlinear, and you’re free to wander about and discover it as you please. You get magical seeds by breeding special seeds of the same type. I've realized now that I'm missing some contribution points. Favorited. It is important to know … After spending 100 Contribution on Strong Fences, it can be leveled fairly quick. If you are under artisan 1, I would personally recommend planting Special Onion seeds and then breeding enough to replant and then harvesting the rest and selling on the market. your goal is 3k trash without loot modifiers like item scrolls but it’s still worth if you only pull like 2.5k. These points have multiple uses from purchasing houses, unlocking nodes, to renting items, and increasing drop rates in specific areas. This is because the most important thing when it comes to passive income is the number of contribution points you have. Pet food is sold in every city in the Pet Products Store. We would also like to give a huge thank you to Ashelin for previously hosting the site, our guide contributors, and Luis for everything he has done . You can obtain the byproducts when breeding seeds. Offline hunting is available after passing Gias. May 18 Update. How to switch to a friend’s channel is described in this guide. Sometimes it can take over 100 special seeds before you get one, it is just bad luck unfortunately! Contribution points can be used for some very usefull aspects of the game. When it rains this will increase. Friends must be on the same channel to play together. By clicking OK, you agree to our cookie policy. The 5th rank of the black spirit is needed in order to dress the legendary equipment. In the store of goods for animals you can also buy Lasso, Sugar, Animals for the farm. Refer to this image as well for farm placement and where to stand when using fertilizer/water. Witch’s Delicacy Exchange NPC Location. You will need x20 of 2 different byproducts (Unusual Fruit, Plant with Rotting Roots, Seed half eaten by a bird, Premature fruit, Mutant Plant). The location the worker comes from does not matter because the worker will stay on the farm until all the stamina is used and does not go back to the origin town unless they run out of stamina. You will want to use water or waterways to increase the amount of groundwater. Witch’s Delicacy Exchange Rate Witch’s Delicacy x10: Beer x500: Milk x120: Contribution EXP 900 + Cooking EXP x30 : Witch’s Delicacy NPC. User account menu. You will see all the garden and crop information here. Some can be obtained by hunting monsters. Currently sitting at 280 contribution. 1605862800. May 29, 2017 @ 4:34am AFK farming for money? Even with no propety rented I have 18/24 contribution. Rising. Join. 2)Is there a way to get your contribution points back if you've lost the rented item? You can rent all sorts of items from NPCs, not only equipment, but you can also rent a fence or rent a flute from certain characters. Combo-Oriented, Non-Targeted Combat. card. Take part in fast-paced, action-packed combat with skills that can be … card classic compact. Old moon fences are unlocked after you reach master 1. Michael Figueroa - £10 Black Desert Mobile uses an AI system to calculate a specific amount of EXP and rewards that you’ll receive once you’re back in the game. Breeding the crops gives you 1 to 3 seeds of the same quality or higher. Black Spirits can also give you bonus stats as well as giving you access to the Black Spirit Mode. This is essentially a fancier way of saying AFK grinding. 235 tet kutum, 285+ DP: can do Aakman. In addition to equipment for the collector's book, various items are required. Black Desert for PC | … Press J to jump to the feed. The subreddit for the PC MMORPG Black Desert Online, developed by Pearl … They have the same amount of slots (10) and CP cost (10 CP) as a strong fence but are much smaller, meaning you can place the fences in a smaller area which is more efficient for both harvesting and also when using fertilizer because you can reach all 10 fences with 1 fertilizer. Garden seeds can be purchased in each city from a dedicated NPC. This stat is independent of your level and gear and only increases due to your actions in Black Desert Online. 22 votes, 40 comments. I've started playing this very recently and currently have no idea of what to do. Contribution points are a point based currency acquired by completing quests. Helping your friends come in handy for completing the last region, for example, completing a mission to kill Ogre. Black Desert Online > Guides > Tyfrin's Guides. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews Black Desert Online > General Discussions > Topic Details. Lee Strebel - £10 You also have a chance of extra yields which gives you an additional 1 – 5 crops.Â. You can get into the offline hunting window using the general menu. It is likely to happen that you have already hired some white or green rarity workers by the time you read this guide. Make the characters YOU want to play. Contribution Points Efficiency: If you aren’t using workers to tend to your farms, using smaller fences is far more efficient for your CP. Here is a table of crop growth times for Velia and Epheria: No, the growth % does not effect the yield. bykovas - £50 Today we’re talking about Black Desert Online’s worker setup and economy systems to create a neat passive silver income — so you can spend more time playing. Once the crop is at 100% growth, you will get an average of 65 crops for white grade seeds, 50 for high quality and 30 for special quality seeds (if the seed takes 2 slots this is doubled). Some crops, such as Sunflowers, will grow better in warmer temperatures. If your farm needs tending to due to insects or pruning, the farming icon on your world map will turn red to indicate this. You just need to make sure the sub-nodes are free of workers and that the node is at the end of a chain. I Terms and Conditions I Privacy Policy I Manage Cookie Settings I About Us. Hot. Lodging in Black Desert Online is a straightforward thing. Weeds can be replaced with Wild Grass in Alchemy and vice versa. Most contribution points can be obtained from the story quest and the quests for Amity. Where can I get items for a collector's book? How to switch to a friend’s channel is described in this guide. Magical seeds cannot be bought or sold on the market. This guide will show the available options to gain contribution points to build up a trading empire and network for gathering and crafting. This website is not affiliated with Kakao Games or Pearl Abyss. 1 Fence types 2 Rental 3 How … Thank you to everyone who has supported us. Award. Favorite. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews. It will even show you what size of fencing they have to offer. Which set to choose? UPDATES Pearl Shop Update: Early Black Friday 1605693600. The contribution points are refunded when the fence is returned to the NPC. Each craft will give you 1-3 Stonetail Fodder regardless of any of your lifeskill levels. Black Desert for PC | … Press J to jump to the feed. Unfavorite. If you are looking to level your farming or want hard/sharp shards, then it is better to prune the crops yourself. Posts Discord Useful Links. The amount of contribution experience needed is small at first but increases as your contribution points pool grows larger. It’s important to note that crops only grow whilst you are online! Make sure you are stood on the farm then right-click the water in your inventory to water the crops. In places which are hotter, there may not be as much groundwater. There are three ways to gain contribution experience. Use the navigation bar on the left side to view node information, use our node calculator, or place custom markers Ashlyn - £10 For example, say you have invested in an iron node and have … Jul 14, 2017 @ 1:04am Anyway to reset Contribtuion Points? Even if your crops are at 200% you will still get the same yield. Here is an image of where to stand when using fertlizer to make sure it reaches the most amount of fences. All about Contribution Points (CPs) By Tyfrin. 182k members in the blackdesertonline community. You can earn them by doing quests, by turning in byproducts from farming, alchemy and cooking. The bright red bar indicates the temperature range of your garden. You can use waterways to make groundwater last longer and give your crops the right amount of water that they need and you can manually pour water on the garden as well. Question. Black Desert Mobile r/ BlackDesertMobile. You should always use fertilizer on your farm because it drastically decreases the amount of time it takes for the crops to grow.Â, The fertilizer goes onto the whole farm and even replanted crops will still be effected by fertilizer still lingering on the farm.Â. In short, it’s an auto-farm AFK mode. As soon as you are artisan 1 you should be using Magical seeds because they have many benefits, such as a high prices when sold to an NPC and also saves a lot of time and energy since you don’t have to plant as many seeds. AutoModerator. 2. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. How to meet a friend in the open world? That is fine, though, as you can always rank them up as soon as they meet the level requirements. More information about starting relics can be found in this guide. I personally only use water if the crop water rate is very low but most of the time you can get away with not needing to water the crops, especially in velia where the groundwater is quite decent. The choice of jewelry rank depends on the number of black pearls, if you have few pearls, I recommend paying attention to blue and purple jewelry that gives an attack speed and a chance of a critical hit. To get started, all you need is some contribution points. Hanging Bell is a gift, you can buy it from a special NPC in every city. Calculator to compare the prices of black stones, Preparing a family for a new class Sorceress, Preparing for the next update Dark Knight, Tower, Trade, List of additional rewards of the Temple of Sun. 1. Magical seeds will drop byproducts 50% of the time, whilst all other seeds have a drop rate of 10%. Landmarks and areas of interest are called nodes, and by unlocking them using your contribution points, you can begin to chain them together into a network. Related: Black Desert Mobile Farming Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Get More Silver and EXP. Dmitry Slovogorodsky - £5. How to get the 5th rank of the Black Spirit? Even if the growth is at 200% or the crop is rotted, it will not effect how many seeds you can get. Temperature is how warm or cold the area is. It will normally cost you 1 Contribution Point and 500 Silver Coins.The game automatically provides your wokers with a Bed and Cooking Utensil.Some Lodgings … (artisan 3 cook - I've made plenty of beer) Did Calpheon and Florin dailies pretty much every day until I hit the 250 cap that existed. Lines City Town Gateway Dangerous Connection Trading Post Farm Forest Mine Investment Bank Fish Drying Yard Villa Welcome to our interactive map! Humidity changes as it rains. This is because it has a suitable temperate for most crops and decent groundwater, as well as being convenient for players. The only way to increase your contribution points pool is by gaining contribution experience. T1Gaming - £30 OK, Camp. 1 1. pinned by moderators. Stonetail fodder is made in the processing window (L) then selecting Simple Cooking. Other good options are Strawberries, Garlic and Sunflowers. Insects and pruning will double the amount of time it takes for your crop to grow if it is left untreated but it does. All Discords Game Guides. Black Desert Online > General Discussions > Topic Details. Combination CP/active time investments typically yield highest results with things like farming easily pushing over 200K+/cp/day when combined with cooking or trading. Black Desert Online. Watering your crops can increase the water deposit on your farm for up to 1 hour and reduce the rate at which the moisture will decrease. User account menu • Best way to get Contribution Points? Log In Sign Up. Once the crop is at 100% growth, you will get an average of 65 crops for white grade seeds, 50 for high quality and 30 for special quality seeds (if the seed takes 2 slots this is doubled). Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Below is a screenshot of my character, it is dressed in different 4 parts. Additionally you can get a large amounts of carrots for cheap to replenish your horse’s stamina. Slash - £5 No need to travel all over the place. At the start of the game, a relic can be obtained in large cities. How I got there: Do the majority of quests you find. To get started, you're going to need a fence. A rank 5 quest is located in the Bree Tree Forest Cave, character level is approximately 43-45. Even if the growth is at 200% or the crop is rotted, it will not effect how many seeds you can get. © 2020 Black Desert Foundry. Fences are rented from Material Vendors and certain other NPCs in return for contribution points. exchange for Milk, Beer, or Contribution Points + Cooking Exp . Points contribution can be obtained passing quests. Hot New Top Rising. Some from cooking and handing in the contribution item. For the best efficiency and money per hour, you should be using workers on your farms. In this new Black Desert Mobile guide, we will be exclusively focusing on where to grind for experience points as well as general loots and discuss the basics of farming silver. If you have 30 contribution points, you will get a total of 40 slots by using 10 small fences, compared to 30 slots using 3 strong fences. You can also get Fruits (used for alchemy) by breeding certain crops: Velia is usually the go to spot for most crops, with the farms placed near the cliff just north of Loggia Farm.  water increases crop growth rate by Precipitation 5. increases crop growth rate by Precipitation 5. Once you’ve placed a crop on your farm, you can view it’s information by pressing R next to it. Contribution points are a stat that can be used to invest in nodes, workshops and special equipment. Buildings and construction priority. ... You can withdraw contribution points from the World Map. Witch’s Delicacy is exchanged to Nadia Rowen. All Rights Reserved. You must be artisan 1 in farming to start getting these! Farming lets you pick a plot of land almost anywhere in the world and grow crops on it. Friends must be on the same channel to play together. How to Get Contribution Points in BDO. I think maybe I've rented some items by mistake but I don't seem to have any with me atm. Caphras’ Record Adventure Log Guide – Books 1 – 4, Mysteries of Summer 2020 – Walkthrough Guide, Tips to improve your silver per hour when grinding, GM Blessing – 10% and Energy Recovery +1, Breed enough seeds to replant and then harvest the rest and sell the crops on the marketplace. You also have a chance of extra yields which gives you an additional 1 – 5 crops.Â. Posted by. Nadia is a cooking vendor located in Olvia. If you have any questions or concerns you can contact us directly via email at [email protected] or using the contact form on our About Us page. In Black Desert Mobile, you can dress different parts of the set at the same time. Groundwater is the amount of water around your farm. The pointer shows the crops preferred temperature. Black Desert Online. This farm is strategically important to the Western Guard Camp, mainly because of the food supply it provides.1 Farm - 1 CP Corn Farm - 1 CP Corn Western Guard Camp Bartali Farm Forest of Seclusion Seremela - £14 Installing a fence creates a garden that allows players to plant and manage crops and livestock. Helping your friends come in handy for completing the last region, for example, completing a mission to kill Ogre. Log in sign up. You do not spend contribution points as much as you invest it, as you are able to withdraw the investment at no loss later. some classes can do it before this point like around 225 tet kutum (witch/wiz/archer/lahn), some classes can attempt hystria at this point (sorc, mystic). Giants are the best to use, or if possible named workers with high stamina. It also has other useful information such as growth times and where to place your farms for optimal growth. The image below shows how to get a worker on your farm: If you are above Artisan 1 you should be using Magical seeds, these are obtained by breeding special seeds and take up 5 slots. Farming/Gardening in Black Desert Online is a great way to get some of the materials for cooking and making a profit later on with Sunflowers. 1. Some of them can be crafted at Camp. Most often asked how to get a Hanging Bell. Contribution points are not character bound they are available on every character. The invested nodes are shared aswell. These crops are extremely useful for cooking, upgrading an alchemy stone, or just selling for profit. The rank of the black spirit increases due to the passage of the story quest. White seeds: 65 per harvestHigh-Quality seeds: 50 per harvestSpecial seeds: 30 per harvestSpecial Haystack: 62 per harvestSpecial Chicken Feed: 32 per harvest, Yes! 96 ratings. Hot New Top. You never spend your contribution points; you just choose where to invest the pool of contribution points you already have. To find the NPCs from which you can obtain a fence, click the magnifying glass icon near the mini map at the top right of the screen and search for "fence". A farm with corn fields, owned by Ovidio Toscani. I highly recommend checking out this Google sheet which is automatically updated with prices to show the best crops you can plant for profit. Fences can be rented for contribution points from certain NPCs. Under the Fertilizer, the “fermenter” is the leavening agent sold by the cooking merchant. Robust Character Creation Tools. Andromeda - £5 A fence is a wooden structure that is installed by a player to create a garden for farming.  water increases crop growth rate by Precipitation 15. Alustin in Velia offers a Trace of Earth in exchange for 200 weeds and General Goods Merchant Lara in Heidel exchanges them for Gathering XP (100 weeds), Crafting Material (200 weeds, this will yield a Trace of Origin) or Contribution Point XP (300 weeds). You should aim to use as many small fences as you can and I only recommend using strong fences if you want to use a total of 100 … For offline hunting, you definitely need a small number of XP cans (even if they will not be used). You will certainly reach a point in the game where experience points will no longer matter as you are bound to reach the level cap, but you are less likely to reach a point where you will no longer be needing more silver. ℛ. When you gain enough contribution experience you gain a contribution point. READ MORE > KEY FEATURES . The blue bar indicates the humidity of your garden whilst the pointer shows the crops preferred humidity.

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