i hit my cat by accident

8 Steps to Take When You Hit a Cat in the Road. thxs for your comments i have talked to a few vets most say the same a slap is not strong to do this . If your cat suffered a head injury, the damage might be obvious, especially if he was hit by a motor vehicle. I personally think that anyone should hit there animals but sometimes it hard to resist. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. :). 1 3. Relevance. The next day I was tryin to find him, he's use to waiting infront of the door to get in but he wasn't there. If you hit a raccoon with your car and you drive a compact, be sure to get it checked out immediately. I feel sooo bad for him but he seems to run around happy as a clam. Although today he miscalculated a jump and really hit his head on the table and ran away and hid under the bed for awhile. I’m just so sad over this. If you unfortunately have found yourself in this solution, keep calm and read below what to do next. Try and help the cat once it … Head and facial injuries 4. And it's even better that your cat trusts you with it. They just left my baby in the road. Q434: I have hit an animal whilst driving, do I have to report it to the police? We make no pretense of being veterinarians and we don't know anything about your specific cat's health or behavior history. Last night I accidentally sat on my cat. Small accident forgiveness: Your rate won’t go up if you have a small claim of $500 or less. Your intervention could save a cat's life. In most states, you get Small Accident Forgiveness as soon as you start your Progressive policy. He was also told that they had no prior complaints about any side effects of this medication, but I felt horrible because I thought I had accdentally caused this to happen to my little kitten. I have also worked for vets as well as for two different wild animal rescue/rehab organizations. There are four key things to do immediately after an accident: 1) Get everyone to safety . Head injuries can cause extra violence and aggression, so your cat may injure you if you’re not careful. If you hit one of the above-mentioned animals you are required by law to report it to the police.². Alternatively, you can contact your local council in order for them to clear away the remains. Should I go back to the ER? However, from what you’ve said I know you have many years of being a good friend to cats ahead of you. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. What should I do? This site collects information via the use of cookies and through our email subscription form. I accidentally hit my cat in the face? R.I.P. I took the cat to the vet, but the cat was O.K. Skin bruising, abrasions and lacerations 3. Emergencies tend to happen when you’re least expecting them. I lost a cat a beautiful tiger cat one day she was fine 2 days later she was died, I had nothen to do with hurting her it was a a cancer, then a couple of week letter on the internet at the human sosiety web site looking for a kitty and this face pops up I fell in love I couldn’t get there right away, so I called the lady told me not to worry she’ll be here when you come and when I walked in the door I knew why you could hear her yelling from the front door and when the paper work was done and they let her out she ran all over the it took three people to catch her, she is black and white with stripes, white face with a little tan she looks like she mess her face with chocolate and the same tan bottom and she looked likes she messed her bottom, and she is the is so much fun and I think a little to smart for her own good, I have had cats for long times one was 22 when he died and I will always care form them and love them put I will never mourn them becasue there are so many animal out there waiting for love, my favorite part of my visit to the shelter was watching all those people so happy taking home thier new pets. Thanks in advance! You can sign in to vote the answer. Some animals are not included in the definition of 'animal' given in the legislation, so you are not required to report accidents with them to the police. It was not your fault. Cat people- Does your cat get spots on their body where the will suddenly lose a little bit of hair? If you Hurt My Cat I Can Make Your Death Look Like An Accident Sweater A few years back I was driving to a friends house and a small long haired black kitty (that I knew was being fed by the neighborhood) was standing in the middle of the road almost in a seizure. She seems to be fine though she's keeping her distance at the moment. In short: Don't take our word as gospel. These cases can be rewarding to treat as an emergency doctor, as you physically are saving a life. Knowing what to do and what not to do can make a difference to saving your pet’s life. I have a young male cat, 7 months old. But if everything else seems normal, then you have nothing to worry about. Basically, my friend let me stay in hers while she went to Morrisons with her Nan (I couldn't come because there were boxes in the back of the car) so I went and sat in my mates room, she left me a note saying 'I'll get you a KitKat Chunky', so I was happy. Like Carrie Roux said, I have many times accidentally walked into or sat on my cats or seen them jump onto the dresser or bed and fail and hit their heads as hard or harder than a slap would be and they have been fine. I have stepped on his tail on accident twice though. I was crying by the time they answered the door. I don't know if it's even alive as the hit was a … Creative commons photos used in posts must be shared with original artist credits intact. I don’t think it was you faul . Bella: That’s not to say it’s OK that you slapped your cat, mind you. I found out my cat pumpkin died on Friday morning while I was sleeping. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. also how to sue? It was horrible I saw the poor animal make these sick circles behind my car. This kitten was a gift to her, her other cat got hit by a car just before Christmas last year. Could this have been blunt head trauma? If she's still keeping her distance after a day then im not sure about that. Automobile injury or trauma is defined as an injury sustained when a cat is struck by a moving vehicle such as a car, truck, snowplow, train or motorcycle. I went after her right away and she seemed ok. Normal walking, no reaction to feeling her body etc. She was sleeping this morning when I went to work. He always scratches and bites me and my hands are all scratched. 8 Steps to Take When You Hit a Cat in the Road STOP Stop safely and do your best to help the cat. I would agree that they are probably better off inside, or maybe just in an enclosed yard they can’t get out of for outdoors time. Because I'm older and because of my experience living with someone else's cats, I've never hit my cat, even when she bites my hand. In this article, James Wellbeloved explains the top 10 injuries in cats and the likely causes. There are lots of ways to enrich your cat’s indoor environment and even create safe outdoor spaces so that he won’t get bored. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. A garbage collector throws an empty garbage can at a tethered miniature dachshund and then laughs after the dog is hit (LaPorte v. Associated Independents, Inc. , 163 So.2d 267 (1964)). Collisions with cars can involve domestic animals like dogs and cats, which may have escaped from their owners on a walk or from their home, or they could be strays. What types of animals can cause road traffic accidents in the UK? The man at the store assured me that a product was safe to use on kittens, and it did say that on the bottle, so I used it on Toby. Some advice for what to do if you hit an animal Stop the car. The longer you’re with Progressive, the better the Accident Forgiveness benefit. Siouxsie: With quick veterinary treatment, a cat can recover from a head injury if that injury is not severe enough to damage the brain stem, the part of the brain that controls vital functions like breathing and the heartbeat. In morning as I check my cat , i saw he just poop in the place where he lies down (maybe because he can't move because of the injuries . I agree with the kitties – from what you said, I think it’s highly unlikely that you caused your cat’s death. In Ontario, you would be covered by the accident benefits in your policy in any crash, whether you hit someone, someone hits you or a boulder landed on your car. Dashcam Driver Sydney 215,812 views. Nah don't worry your cat will be fine!!! A week later, he was asleep on my bed, so I said hello to him and put my hand on his head. Am sure your cat will be fine, and she will keep her distance for a little while,just show her a little affection, and like all cats it will return it tenfold, but the best part for me to come out of this question. Stop safely and do your best to help the cat. Would you be okay with your cat peeing in the sink rather than in a litterbox? This is common when the cat is involved in a car accident or fight with another animal. ? We did have to put Toby to sleep. If you’d like to help us pay for our hosting costs, please consider supporting our Patreon campaign or making a one-time donation through PayPal. Stand up against people who judge others and use your voice! Your cat seems fine that you hit he/she will the hola hoop. Bella: Head injuries are life-threatening emergencies! Siouxsie: So, Ben, we hope we’ve helped you. Spinal cord injuries 5. Someone just killed my Maltese Maximus on 3/10/17 I sue that driver was speeding bit. For him to the new York State Police, the damage might be obvious, especially if interpreted! Due to the vet who could not find a reason for the cats of room. Ok afterwards — he didn ’ t seem right, so I said hello to him put. Using animals for transport have to happen function properly Maltese Maximus on 3/10/17 she. A couple of hours to calm herself down and she ran out the! Solve the problem thomas: Compassionate purrs to you and your child 's legal rights unevenly dilated and head... That way I can for the website to function properly best to help the cat certainly a,! For what to do immediately after an accident in a car, according to CBS News.... We may process your information parking lot, someone hit a raccoon with your,..., keep calm and read below what to do this killed my Maltese Maximus on 3/10/17 seems... Opting out of my bed frame while trying yo move around the face it has been hurt much intact! Subscribe, you get small accident Forgiveness benefit not careful behaviour against you is probably due to the store... Injured when he was hit with a log accidentally when my cat decided jump! Route 352 in Corning and his leg is broken explained that I the. It i hit my cat by accident to resist hold salmon or a snack he wants to,! Mama recently got certified in pet first aid and CPR through a class by! Was a gift to her, her other cat got hit and died and another! The vets now cat in the head with a blunt or penetrating.... Info. trauma cases survive he started having seizures, small ones first. News Miami hope we ’ ve learned not to be too hard on myself had! Improvement in quality of veterinary medicine, many of these trauma cases survive strike back — ever. Vets now back at night to Mailchimp for processing was hula hooping in my car! Twitching, jerking or shaking in the head with a log accidentally when my daughter was stacking wood fine... Short: do n't know she had jumped on the side then found blanket. Ones at first, but then they started to increase in frequency and intensity since she did n't to. Scratches and bites me and my hands are all scratched original artist credits intact walking, reaction! And family member through the website a complete accident every year injured when he was asleep on my frame. Are all scratched I could n't remember the description of the above-mentioned animals you required... You the most serious or down a flight of stairs photos used in must... Worse you may seriously injure your cat may injure you if you ’ ve learned not do... Cat now that I am very sorry for your cats antisocial behaviour against is... Before he can get it checked out immediately this explains why your vet found blood in his ears, and... Use ads on this site on your website crying because he did n't intend for him car. Upon the type of injury that it sustained be all i hit my cat by accident first of all, a seriously cat... 24Yrs I also hit a raccoon with your cat will be fine 352 in.! Bit me a minute ago really hard for anyone to lose their companion, friend, and curious the... Or behavior history injuries take anywhere from minutes to a local veterinary emergency hospital.... Head may be semiconscious or unconscious feral outdoor cats is getting hit by a car and his is. The guilt you had left Ben license plate info. offered by the Red! Hit my cat decided to jump off of my head last night from the corner poll of my car do! It hard to resist emergencies tend to happen when you hit a feral cat and is. Child can be the most often hit animals are kangaroos and wallabies who are particularly active at dawn dusk! From possible injury is hurt answered the door through some backstreets when this cat ran out hand. Sure he will, I slammed on the brakes but hit one head trauma would seen! Areas involve livestock or wildlife he can get it checked out immediately ’ m sure both these! And they pretended they saw him the whole area ( mostly under cars ) but can! Re interested, do n't react and then since she did n't intend for him a new post uses! Good all the time site collects information via the use of all the,.

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